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adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps, providing the highest quality analytics and attribution solutions for companies worldwide. With adjust’s open source SDK, app developers can track and analyze user acquisition, feature releases, user lifetime cohorts and more. adjust provides streamlined reporting for understandable, actionable and comparable metrics. adjust is a Facebook Marketing Partner and a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, and dynamic adjust integrations is in use by over 700 networks and analytics providers worldwide. Founded in Berlin in 2012, adjust today has global offices in San Francisco, Istanbul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Sydney.

adjust is trusted by clients across Asia, the EU and the Americas: including leading app developers like Zalando, Rovio and Zynga or global brands like Microsoft, Yandex and Warner Bros. adjust supports clients on the ground from each global office, and offers fully localized solutions in multiple languages.

Key focuses include: user privacy, adhering to strict German data protection standards; transparency, in openly publishing the source code of the tracking SDK, allowing anyone to find out exactly what is being tracked, whether end user, advertiser or partner; well-designed and powerful APIs to allow clients to integrate any system into adjust as a data source with full control over the rights of each partner; and tools to allow advertisers to make their user acquisition smooth, valuable, and seamless.

adjust is the only mobile analytics company to meet stringent EU privacy compliance standards, proving that app tracking does not have to be intrusive. adjust is funded by Target Partners, Capnamic Ventures, Iris Capital, and Active Venture Partners.


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