Saturday 28 Sep, 2019

Starting at 9:00am

GOLD – Columbo

Columbo monitors the quality of your analytics and marketing implementation. Data Governance consumes an ever increasing amount of time. At the same time more and more of our business relies on that data. Columbo is here to help you become data-driven without the risk of working based on inaccurate data.

With automated scenarios and scanners websites of any size and complexity can be checked and monitored effortlessly. Columbo provides the tools you need to quickly assess a website’s status and continuously keep track of any changes that affect data quality.

Columbo is built by Peaks & Pies, a consulting company for Digital Analytics, Conversion Optimisation and Business Intelligence based in Hamburg and Berlin. Columbo has been created based on our daily work: implementing, verifying and maintaining analytics setups. It is custom-tailored to the needs of digital analysts since we built it for ourselves in the first place.



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