Saturday 28 Sep, 2019

Starting at 9:00am

GOLD – Snowplow

At Snowplow, we believe passionately that data can be used right to do good: by helping companies better understand their users, so they can provide them with a better service and generate create value for themselves in the process.

We provide technology that gives companies control of their own data: enabling them to track how they engage with their users across all the touch points , providing a single customer view across those platforms and channels. We deliver that data to them in their own data warehouse, so they can ask any questions of that data, and use any reporting, business intelligence and data science tools to answer those questions. We make that data available in real-time so that companies can act on that data in real-time. And we do this in a way that means our clients own the data end-to-end, in their own AWS or GCP environment, giving them complete control over what data is collected, how that data is structured and processed and how that data is used to drive value.



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