Saturday 09 Sep, 2023

Starting at 9:00am


Tucholskystraße 2 10117 Berlin

What Does The Day Look Like?

MeasureCamp is deliberately held on a non-workday. The reason is that every attendee is willing to give up a day of their time and really wants to be there, they are not just going along to get a day off work.

So, your day at MeasureCamp Berlin starts on a Saturday at 9am. You register at the entrance, enjoy our delicious breakfast while meeting new people from the community and catching up with people you know. The official program begins with a welcome session in the main room around 10am.

MeasureCamp uses an unconference format and one important aspect of that: most of the schedule is not prearranged. That means, after the welcome session we open the session board, and anyone can then add a 30 min session on any Data & Analytics related topic to the schedule.

But don’t forget: Sales talks are frowned upon at MeasureCamp! Sessions can be presentations, discussions, workshops or even game shows, they can be highly technical in nature or very business focused, and the intended audience may be for people just starting their career or with years of experience in Data & Analytics. Saying this, it is not required that you have to prepare anything for a session, it could simply start with a challenge you face at work or a thought you would like to exchange on with peers. You are not obligated to give any session that day, while we highly encourage it. Ultimately, MeasureCamp is run by the Data & Analytics community, for the Data & Analytics community, and everyone’s contribution matters.

The entire session schedule will run until 5pm and is spread across seven 30 min time slots in six to seven rooms of varying sizes. There can be as many sessions happening at one time as rooms are available and you are free to choose which sessions you wish to participate in. Since MeasureCamp is about transfer of knowledge, we believe in the rule of the two feet. That means, in case you find yourself in the wrong session as it is too beginner or too advanced or it is simply not the topic you thought it would be, move to another session. It is up to you to choose just how much value you get out of a MeasureCamp.

Next to the sessions there is rest time reserved for a one hour lunch break, afternoon snacks & drinks and a closing speech, after which we might have door prizes, banter and closing thoughts from the day. Last but not least, Berlin is known for its great parties. So, we are celebrating together at an After MeasureCamp party from around 6:30pm on in a location nearby, giving time to mull over the day’s events and forge relationships both business and social within the community.


Will the entire event be in English?

The official communication before and during the event will be in English only. Due to the significant number of international attendees we always recommend to speakers to run their sessions in English, while sessions can also be in German. During the last few years the vast majority of sessions were in English, and the language of each session will be announced upfront via the session board. 

Are food & beverages for free?

Just like your ticket, food & beverages are completely for free during the entire event. At the After MeasureCamp party you might need to pay for high-proof drinks (e.g. cocktails), while soft drinks, beer, wine and snacks remain free.

I want to run a session. Can I already add it?

Perfect, you can fill out your session card already before the event. Just download it, print it out, fill in the blanks and bring it with you, so you can stick it on the session board as soon as it opens. And no pressure, most session cards are only filled out and added to the session board on the day of the event.

I can use my session for a sales pitch?


How can I contact the MeasureCamp Berlin crew in case I have a question?

Please feel free to reach out via or use @MeasureCampBer on twitter, and we are happy to help out! 🙂