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Tucholskystraße 2 10117 Berlin

MeasureCamp 2019: Your Guide for the Day

If you’re coming along to MeasureCamp Berlin then here’s all the info you need.

1. Where to go and when to get there

We’ll be at Zalando in BTD. The address is Tamara-Danz-Straße 1, 10243 Berlin (Google Maps). The nearest station is S+U Warschauer Straße, and it’s just a 6-minute walk from there.

Doors open at 9 am (did we mention, there is breakfast?), and we’ll be wrapping up at 5 pm (with the after-party to follow!).

2. What to expect on the day

If you’re new to MeasureCamp then you might benefit from watching our handy introduction video.

Download the full schedule:

3. Meet our sponsors

We simply can’t thank our sponsors enough for supporting us and making MeasureCamp a reality. They’ll each have a booth in the main area on the day and they’ll be keen to chat with you. They’ll also have demos, freebies, and a fun game or two, so make sure you stop by and see what they’ve got in store.

4. Break away from your mates and meet new folks

As Peter notes in the intro video, coffee, breakfast, and some pretty decent lunch will all be provided. While it might be tempting to fall back on comfort and chat with people you already know, we strongly encourage using the breaks between sessions to make a new acquaintance… or ten!

5. Pluck up the courage to hold your own session

It’s not just about showing up and squeezing in a chat with a new contact in between free bites. To really experience MeasureCamp, you should get involved in talks and discussions, because this is what makes it so different (and better, in our humble opinion) from your average analytics conference. If you really want to do us proud as a true MeasureCamper, get out there in the spotlight and we promise you’ll reap the benefits of engaging with our great community.

Need some encouragement or inspiration? Head over to the blog and read Bhav’s series of posts for new speakers.

You’ll have the best chance to get a spot on the session board if you prepare your session cards before hands:

6. Have a peek at the Jobs Board

Apart from providing you with the opportunity to have some good fun with like-minded individuals, MeasureCamp might even change your life. We will have some excellent opportunities on display, and Harnham will be on-site to provide expert advice for your pressing career woes.

7. Don’t miss the prize draw with awesome prizes

If you go running off before the final session then you’ll miss out on the chance to win some fantastic goodies. Believe us, the committee had to be restrained from keeping some of those prizes for ourselves… but unfortunately, we won’t be entered into the draw, meaning the attendees can enjoy all the fantastically geeky spoils.

8. After party venue

To top it all off, fasten your seat belts for our much-loved after party. Thanks to our exclusive party sponsor SumUp it’ll take place on a boat, in the middle of the Spree river with free drinks and a DJ!

We’ll board the ship at 5.30 pm (right around the corner of the Zalando building), so make sure to leave the venue as fast as possible. We’ll return by 8 pm, and you’ll not be able to leave the boat in between (unless you are a really good swimmer).

You’ll get full details and a map in the brochure on the day, so don’t make any other plans as you’ll want to kick yourself for missing this one!

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